• Gun Shaft Internal Stops & Holder

    These stops are used with "THRU" Collet Inserts and "B" Collets for long length weld pins or studs. These stops are held in place inside the CD gun shaft with a stop holder and requires removal of the rear cap of the gun for installation. These stops can be installed by special order when purchasing a CD gun or can be installed in the field.

  • Collet Extenders

    Collet Extenders allow the stud to be placed in special applications where the standard CD gun is too large to be positioned in the welding area. There are a variety of collet extenders available with the most common being shown below. These extenders fasten into the end of the CD gun shaft.

  • Slim-Line CD Gun

    The Slim-Line Gun is another form of collet extender, and can be preferable above the others. The Slim-Line Gun is a fully self-contained, self-triggering CD weld gun. This gun plugs directly into the welder and requires a "B" Collet. To operate, load the stud into the collet, locate the gun in place, and then press the stud against the base material. The weld will take place automatically, and firing occurs only upon proper pressure.

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