D Min. L HD HT Ferrule Code*
3/4 1-1/2 1-1/4 3/8 F750
7/8 2 1-3/8 3/8 F875

Low Carbon Steel
AISI C1015, C1018, or C1020

Mechanical Properties
Low Carbon Steel
Tensile - 60,000 psi (min.)
Yield - 50,000 psi (min.)
Elongation - 20% (in 2 inches)
Reduction of Area - 50% (min.)

ALL MIDWEST FASTENERS ARC SC studs meet AWS, AASHTO, and ICBO specifications.
Test reports available upon request.

Ferrules are component parts of studs. Not sold separately.
Ferrule exterior dimensions are available upon request.

*Shear Connectors
Available for welding to flat surface, inside angles, outside angles, and "thru deck." Each of these applications requires the proper style stud and ferrule, so please specify your application when ordering studs.

Please click the Request Information button to configure your Shear Connector Arc Weld Studs.
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