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The CD700 from Midwest Fasteners is designed specifically for the insulation contractor. In fact, it is one of the most powerful capacitor discharge units available today. The CD700 features a separate cup head weld pin contact mode that welds to materials as thin as 20 gauge – without fear of burn through. A unique feature is the 84,000 to 168,000 MFD variable capacitance high/low power range switch which handles the toughest applications. The high power range helps eliminate surface preparation when welding “Power Tip” pins from Midwest Fasteners.

Compliances & Standards
A-A-59331 (Military Specification: Stud Welding Systems with DC Integral Power Source and Control Unit)

CD Stud Welders

CD Weld Equipment

Unit of Measure



N/A 13-1/2 in


N/A 21 in


N/A 9 in


N/A 66 lb

Weld Rate

N/A Up to 14/min

Weldable Materials

N/A Aluminum Mild Steel Stainless Steel

Pin/Stud Range

N/A 14 Ga thru 3/8" Dia. Weld Base

Weld Voltage (DC)

N/A 34 to 175 V


N/A High - 168,000 µF Low - 84,000 µF

Weld Mode

N/A Contact Cuphead

Power Requirement

N/A 115VAC 30 Amp 60 Hz

Fastener Length

N/A 1/4" - Unlimited 6 mm - Unlimited

Thickness of Weldable Material

N/A 0.6 mm - Unlimited 29 gauge - Unlimited

Weld Type

N/A Surface Weld

Backside Marking

N/A Unacceptable

Stud to Base Weld Area

N/A No Special Requirements

Weld Gun (CD-2P Precision)


N/A 1-1/2 Lbs. (Not Including Cable)

Size (LWH)

N/A 6-1/2" x 2" x 5-3/4"

Weldable Diameter

N/A 14 Gauge through 3/8"


N/A High strength impact-resistant polycarbonate


Ground Cable

N/A #1 x 15 Ft. (One each)

Gun Extension Set

N/A #1 x 18/2 x 35 ft (Direct to Gun)
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