Product Data:

Midwest IHA Zero VOC Hanger Insulation Hanger Adhesive is a cream-paste construction type adhesive. Tan in color, it is specially formulated for bonding insulation hangers to metal and unfinished masonry surfaces. IHA ZVOC dries to a tough, yet resilient bond that can withstand thermal cycling and shock.

IHA ZVOC has been specially formulated to meet strict VOC requirements and, based on independent testing, has been MAS Certified “Green” and is LEED v4 compliant . IHA ZVOC is also designated under the following standards: Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) and California Dept. of Public Health (CDPH) Standard Method V1.1.

  • Thermal shock resistance
  • High bond strength
  • Water resistance
  • Mildew resistance
  • Immediate grab
Directions for Use:
  1. Use only after careful consideration of the warnings, directions, and first aid instructions pertinent to this product.
  2. Be assured that surfaces to be bonded are clean and dry.
  3. Do not thin.
  4. Apply approx. 1/16th inch (1.6MM) coating of ZVOC Insulation Hanger Adhesive to the base of the hanger with a spatula or putty knife.
  5. Immediately press the hanger in place with a twisting motion.
  6. Make sure good contact is made.
  7. Always prepare and bond only one (1) hanger at a time.
  8. Allow a minimum of 48 hours drying time before installing insulation with the hange
CLEAN UP: Xylol, or mineral Spirits
DOT Shipping Name: UN1993, Flamable Liquid, 3, PG III


Size Packed Part # Weight
GALLON 4/carton IHA- ZVOC-GA 37.6 lbs. /carton

*MIDWEST Fasteners does not ship ZVOC Adhesive by Air; standard shipments are UPS or Motor Freight.
Also sold by MIDWEST only in carton-lot quantities.

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Unit of Measure



N/A Thermoplastic Rubber


N/A Solvent

Solids Content

N/A 64 %


N/A Tan


N/A 9.4 lb/gal

Application Temperature

N/A 30 to 120 ºF

Service Temperature

N/A -20 to 225 ºF

Bonding Time

N/A 0 to 4 min

Average Nonvolatile

N/A 53 %

Drying Time

N/A For best results, allow a minimum of 48 hours before applying the

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