Product Data:

MIDWEST Fasteners HANGER ADHESIVE is a high strength, heavy-bodied adhesive, specifically formulated for adhering anchors for hanging insulation.

IHA-177 HANGER ADHESIVE bonds metal and nylon anchors to metal, concrete or masonry surfaces. The product can also be used to install metal or ceramic wall fixtures and in tile applications.

MIDWEST Fasteners HANGER ADHESIVE is also available for use as a general-purpose construction adhesive in applications requiring a high strength bond, or in applications subjected to high temperatures.

Special Characteristics:
  • Excellent thermal shock resistance
  • High bond strength
  • Water resistant
  • Immediate grab
  • Mildew resistant
  • Non-slip formula
Directions for Use:

1. Use only after careful consideration of the warnings, directions, and first aid instructions given.

2. Surface Preparation: Surfaces to be bonded should be clean, dry and free of any dust, frost, wax, moisture, dirt, grease, oil, rust, or other contaminants. Do not use over painted surfaces. Many protective coatings are not compatible with Anchor Adhesive.

3. Adhesive Preparation: Adhesive should be stored at room temperature (60ºF to 80ºF) for at least 24 hours prior to use.

4. Working Temperature: For best results, adhesive and materials to be bonded should be 30ºF to 120ºF.

5. Adhesive Application: Do not apply at temperatures below 30ºF. Prepare and install one anchor at a time. Apply a dab (the size of a small walnut) of adhesive to the anchor base with a putty knife and immediately (maximum open time is 10 minutes) press anchor firmly into place, with a slight twisting motion. For proper adhesion, insure that the film of adhesive covering the anchor base (after the anchor has been firmly pressed into place) is protruding

6. Installing Anchor Adhesive to Concrete Surfaces: New concrete surfaces need to cure a minimum of 28 days in order to ensure best adhesion. All concrete surfaces should be high pressure water blasted or sand blasted to remove any surface curing agents and all foreign matter. Spread anchor adhesive on anchor base allowing solvent to flash off for several minutes before pressing anchor firmly into place with a slight twisting motion. Do not apply load until application is completely dry.


Size Packed Part # Weight
GALLON 4/carton IHA-177-GA 39 lbs. /carton

*MIDWEST Fasteners does not ship IHA-177 Adhesive by Air; standard shipments are UPS or Motor Freight.
Also sold by MIDWEST only in carton-lot quantities.

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Unit of Measure



N/A Thermoplastic Rubber


N/A Solvent

Solids Content

N/A 64 %


N/A Light Brown


N/A 9 lb/gal

Shear Strength

N/A Greater than 600 psi (AFG 01)

Water Resistance

N/A Excellent


N/A Gun Grade Mastic

Application Temperature

N/A 30 to 120 ºF


N/A Excellent (ASTM C 731)

Service Temperature

N/A -30 to 250 ºF

Shelf Life

N/A 12 m

Storage Temperature

N/A Store at room temperature with cross ventilation.


N/A Mineral Spirits, exercising safe practices
OSHA Class 1B liquid. Store per 29 CFR 1910, 106.


N/A 500-1000 anchors per gallon


N/A Flammable, Red Label

Flash Point

N/A (ASTM D 3828) -9 ºF

Open Time

N/A 15 minutes at 75ºF and 50% relative humidity

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