Nom. D Min. L RD RL Ferrule Code
3/16 3/4"* 0.175 0.312 F187
* Ferrules used with Studs 3/4" long are special "short F" ferrules.

Low Carbon Steel
C - 0.23% max. P - 0.04% max.
Mn - 0.90% max. S - 0.05% max.
Conforms to: MIL-S-24149
Type: I Class: III

Stainless Steel
AISI grade - 302/304/305 std.
Other grades available upon request.

Mechanical Properties
Low Carbon Steel
Tensile - 60,000 psi (min.)
Yield - 50,000 psi (min.)
Elongation - 20% (in 2 inches)

Stainless Steel
Values for various grades available upon request.

Low Carbon Steel
Plating is not standard.
Copper, nickel, and zinc available upon customer request.

Stainless Steel
Does not apply to Stainless.

Ferrules are component parts of studs. Not sold separately.

Compliances & Standards
MIL-S-24149 (Military Specification: Studs, Welding and Arc Shields (Ferrules)

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Unit of Measure



Code B D E M Part No.
F187 0.305 0.380 0.156 0.390 092-0005-05

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